Welcome to Living My Purpose

Rebuilding Lives, One Step at a Time

At Living My Purpose, we’re dedicated to helping individuals in recovery find their path to a fulfilling life. Whether you’re overcoming addiction, supporting a loved one, or looking to change enabling behaviors, we have the tools and resources to guide you.

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Our Services

Career Counseling

Discover Your Strengths: Use our assessments to find your ideal career path.

Career Coaching: We help chart a path to a fulfilling career, guiding you toward purpose and a successful future.

Educational Programs

Workshops & Seminars: Learn about goal setting, personal growth, and life planning.

Online Courses: Access continuous learning opportunities anytime, anywhere.

Recovery Resources

Support Directory: Find local and national recovery programs and groups.

Counseling Services: Connect with professional counselors and therapeutic programs.

Family & Friends Support

Support Groups: Join others who understand your journey.

Educational Materials: Learn how to effectively support loved ones in recovery.

Enabler Education

Workshops: Recognize and change enabling behaviors.

Counseling: Get support tailored specifically for enablers.