The True Genius Hidden Within

dreamjobOur youth today are at a great disadvantage, they don’t know their true genius and they haven’t lived long enough to understand and know what’s involved in a lot of the different college and career choices. Between the ages of 16 and 25, they begin making decisions that will impact their entire lives. Such as, what career to pursue, who to marry, what job should I seek after college? These are choices that young people aren’t in a great position to make.

Unfortunately, the numbers are discouraging. The overall graduation rate of those seeking a 4-year degree is only 50%, white students’ average at 62%, while black students’ average at 42%. Individuals entering a 2-year college with aspirations of earning a Bachelor’s degree, only 12% complete that goal. Statistically, the private colleges tend to fair better than the public colleges in this regard.

The results are even more disappointing. The average student changes majors 5-6 times during their college career. Some of the experts tell us 70% of graduates end up working outside their college major and field of study. 60% of the adults surveyed are not happy in their occupation. It is because they are using anecdotal data to try and figure out what they should be doing with their life. They listen to those closest to them; perhaps their uncle tells them they should be an engineer or their mom says they should have a mathematical job. Maybe they liked English in school, which led them to believe they should get a degree in that field. This is where individuals get stuck in life, never realizing their true genius hidden within, therefore, missing out on a life filled with purpose and potential.

In my coaching practice, I use Compass by Living My Purpose to help students identify the right career. Once they know the right career, choosing what to study (if anything) is much easier.

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