What seven superpowers will you use to change the world?


shutterstock_812212What seven SUPERPOWERS will you use to change the world? We have unique traits, attributes, and behaviors inside of all of us. They help fuel the true genius within us; they are your SUPERPOWERS! Everybody has them, it’s shown through our various activities done naturally and effectively. Superpowers are a person’s internal traits, behaviors, and personality. Most of us know we have special talents, but it is tough to pinpoint our strengths, and therefore it is difficult to harness our superpowers and utilize our genius to live a life of purpose.

Your secret genius is built inside of you. It is not something you can learn. You can see it physically in an athlete. They are naturally coordinated and have the endurance and strength to be successful with sports. Everyone is brilliant in one way or another. Some people are gregarious extroverts, and thrive in front of a crowd and work well with people, while others are gifted at quantifying things, getting the facts of a situation, and prefer a predictable routine.

Knowing a lot of information does not measure your superpowers, because knowledge is a POOR indicator of your true genius. Learning facts on various subjects might come easily for you, but that does not mean you should pursue a lifelong career in those fields of study. Your natural traits can be identified by psychometric assessments, which include the scientifically based: Strengths Finder, DISC, and Myers Briggs.

I like to use the seven different results from these assessments to help people understand their strengths, talents, behavior aptitudes, habits, and personalities. If you want to shift away from living a reactive life, and live more intentionally and purposefully, then it is important to know what your superpowers are and learn how to use them.

I’d like to use three of my superpower traits from my personal profile as an example:

  • Brainstormer: I see connections between phenomena and I make sense of things that others do not see. This ability produces ideas about everything around me. I have a constant desire to stimulate new ideas.
  • ID- Delegator: I want to look good. I have the ability to win others over to my point of view through both my friendly manner and my talent to impress people with my enthusiasm and optimism. I can achieve most of my objectives.
  • ENTJ- I have natural born leadership instincts. Often, I’ll see a problem as an opportunity to pursue a challenge and a means to my ultimate success, authority, and status.

All of these traits are correct and highlight my talents as a master coach and business strategist.

I use Compass in my practice to inspire my clients to discover and use their SUPER POWERED POTENTIAL!!! Would you like to learn more? Leave a comment and tell us what you think… or go to:

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