3 Things You Did Not Know About Changing Careers

Most people considering a career change are asking the wrong question

Most people ask themselves if they can do a particular job instead of asking themselves if they should do a particular job. Big difference, and your approach makes all the difference in the world when you are talking about changing careers.

There are two types of questions, those dealing with information you already have, and those dealing with things in the future, where you have very little visibility.

Every day, you make decisions based upon a decision-making paradigm. By decision paradigm, I mean the method you use to make decisions. Most of us use the same methods to answer both types of basic questions. Is it any wonder you and I both (no one gets it right all of the time) don’t get the results we want when we start with the wrong premise?

You cannot answer a question about the future with what you know, the reason is obvious because you do not know what the future holds. Instead, you have to use a qualitative process. In other words, you have to ask yourself questions about who you are and what the job entails (when the issue is a career.) Of course, there are always two things you do not know when you are talking about a career in the future.

1 – Do I have what it takes to be successful

2 – What jobs are out there that are the right fit, the ones “I am” the right fit for.

My article on the “Should I Paradigm” dives into the details about how it works. I highly recommend you read the blog article.


You can perceive your own “uncommon competence”

I cannot believe how good I am at what I do, that sounds arrogant, but it is true. I have never experienced this kind of competence and people see it and comment on it all the time.

Of course, none of us are good at everything, in fact, that is the point, we cannot be good at everything, but when you are working within your strengths you will perform at a much higher level of effectivity. That means that the things you do, you will be more effective at.

Not efficient, but effective. Effective means you are doing the right things, efficient means you are doing it well. Nothing is more useless than doing something well that should not have been done at all.

So when I am operating within my “wheelhouse” I perform at very high levels. And of course, I enjoy it. Now here is where most of us get it wrong, we think that what we know something about is what we will be the most effective at.

However, think about this. People store an average of 227 MB of data in their brains. There is about 3000 TB of data in the Library of Congress alone. That means any one person, like you or me, only knows a very small bit of the known information available.

So the likely hood of you knowing what you are going to be best at is very slim.

I have tools to help you discover who you are and what you will be good at. The tool is called Career Compass. You can purchase it at a discount if you get it through this blog post instead of off my website at www.livingmypurpose.com. If you would like to purchase Career Compass and some time with me to go over the report with you one on one, you can purchase Career Compass and the Interpretive Session.

The bottom line is that you have uncommon competence, you probably do not know what it is and what job to apply it to, but the tools are there if you are willing to commit.

Personal growth is going to be slow if you do not know “who” you are

I keep the life purpose statement for Theresa and all four of my kids and their spouses on Evernote, so I can reference it at least once a month. The question I ask myself is, “Am I helping them be everything they can be?” It is simple to know. I just read their life purpose statement and consider whether there is anything I can do to encourage them to live who they really are. If I can think of something, I call or write them a quick note.

What is life if it is not a long series of personal development achievements. In fact, it is the times when we are not improving ourselves when we open ourselves up to frustration.

There is no better way to grow than to get a daily dose of who you are, not what you do, but who you are. In other words, what is special about me and how do I capitalize on it to grow.

Grow means more than self in this context, you should be thinking about how your growth is going to impact others for good, that is after all, how we become better human beings, by becoming a better person that helps others (usually for a profit but not always.)

That is why we go to school, so we can become productive adults who can read and do math. It is also why we read and listen to our mentors, so we can get better, grow, and become more useful as time goes by. It is how we make more money and how we become more satisfied, but getting better.



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