7 Keys to Happiness – Find your calling and you will find happiness

7 Keys to Happiness

7 Keyes to happiness!
7 Keyes to happiness!

7 Keys to happiness is a tall order and I will be the first to admit this is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject, but these 7 keys are a major component.

Happiness can be defined as finding pleasure and contentment in life, here are 7 keys to happiness I have discovered. You see, it is not your circumstances, it is where you are at when you are facing those circumstances. I heard a wise man say that if you are in the water with sharks it is not a pleasable experience, but if you are in a protective cage watching those magnificent creatures it is an awesome experience. You are in the same water, with the same sharks, but where you are at in life makes all the difference in the world.

Let me start by naming the things that do NOT bring long-term happiness.

  • Money – The overwhelming desire for money in itself is a good indicator that you are not happy, of course, money brings a certain amount of security, given the right circumstances, but it does not, in itself, make one happy.
  • Sex – Sex without deep love and commitment is not only unfulfilling (you only know this when you have found a committed fulfilling relationship,) it is also never satisfied, the very opposite of contentment.
  • Material things – I have had it all, big houses, airplanes, fancy cars, boats and none of it brings lasting pleasure or contentment.

Contentment and pleasure are the core of it, so what will bring contentment and pleasure?

Here are 7 keys to happiness, or if you will, the 7 keys to contentment and pleasure.

1 – Know your strengths and talents and grow in them

You have five strengths that are intuitive to you. Only 1 in 33 million people have your exact same strengths and talents. Learn what they are and nurture them, not only is it one of the keys to happiness, it will bring contentment and you will find endless pleasure in knowing that you are living a life that is true to who you are. Compass by Living My Purpose will identify them and tell you how to grow in each with videos and daily encouraging messages.

2 – Live your life role

If there is one thing that will frustrate contentment, it is working in a role that does not fit you. By role I mean, Leader, Manager, or Practitioner. If you are in the wrong role, it an uncomfortable experience and leads to unhappiness and displeasure in your work. If you want to know what your role should be, and you want a great description of how your role works out in your daily life, then complete the Compass profile.

3 – Stay in your domain of influence

This sound technical, all it means is you should stay in an area of life where you can be most effective, where who you are works to your advantage. When you are in your domain of influence, you do amazing things effortlessly, or at least what seems effortless to you! Compass identifies your DOI and explains how it works.

4 – Know what drives your passion, purpose and potential

I call these P3. Where they intersect you find life calling. Once you understand what is driving your P3, it is easy to stay focused on your calling, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Want to find contentment and pleasure in life, use Compass to identify them for you, it is the best ten bucks you will ever spend!

5 – Understand your interests, not just the symptoms, but what drives them

When you work at what you are interested in it brings fulfillment. Of course, the opposite is also true, when you work at things you are not interested in you will be discontented. Wanna know what your interests are, (in a way that you can do something about it,) then, you guessed it, Compass will tell you what it is.

6 – Do the work of your calling – Find your calling and you will find happiness

So, finding your calling is all about correlating data from Compass. That data is used in an interpretive session where I use what I learn to help you discover your calling. Once you know and live your calling, your life will be changed forever.

7 – Know your weaknesses and backfill them with the help of others

Weaknesses are often more instructive than knowing your strengths. You can only cover for your weaknesses when you know what they are. That is not to say that you should try and improve your weaknesses. What it means is you need to find out what your weaknesses are so you can make sure you are not depended upon to perform at high levels in things that require you to do great work in areas you are weakest in. Compass identifies your weaknesses for you.

Taking the Compass assessment takes 45 minutes, it is not some free pop phycology assessment or test, this is a comprehensive analysis of who you are that will give you the 7 keys to happiness, it is worth the time and the costs are minimal when you measure it against the benefits.

Compass comes in three forms:

Compass “You Are Unique” report. P3, strengths and weakness and how to use them.

Compass “Personal Profile” report, Everything in “You are Unique” plus complete personal analysis and career suggestions.

Compass “Interpretive Session“, The “Personal Profile” plus a coaching session where you discover your life calling and more.

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