3 Things That Build Personal Wealth

3 Things That Will Help You Build Personal Wealth

Build Personal Wealth
Build Personal Wealth

A lot is written about how to build personal wealth, how to achieve it, how to keep it and how to lose it. In this posting, I want to give you a little different twist on the subject.

I define wealth as having an abundance of things you value and enough assets (including cash) to live the lifestyle you desire. I believe I am very wealthy, I don’t have excess cash and I don’t have lots of expensive things, but I am very wealthy in things that I value, life purpose, a passion for my work, the ability to use my personal potential to the fullest, a wonderful family, health, friends, accomplishments etc.

With that definition, I hope I have set your expectations as to what I want to talk about in this post…building a personal foundation that will set the stage for growing your personal wealth.


If you know what your life purpose is, you will be moving toward fulfilling it as you build personal wealth, or you will not be living true to yourself and the wonderful gifting you have, you true genius if you will.

Advancing your life purpose positions you to accomplish great things with the time you have here on earth. The more you accomplish, the more contentment and satisfaction you find. If you want to find your life purpose, take the Compass assessments and get your summary report, it details your life purpose in simple easy to understand terms and gives you actionable information you can use to explore life and pursue your true genius.


You probably know some of the things you are naturally good at, but I would imagine that you only see them dimly. It is hard to be intentional about something you are not sure of. The reason is that when you are confused it is difficult to decide, and if you cannot decide on things with assurance, it is difficult to act on the things that are most important to you in life.

Knowing and pursuing your potential is very important because your potential represents the tools you should be using to live your life purpose, it is how you will most easily and successfully find and live your life purpose. The Compass assessments will identify your potential for you.


Passion gives you the fuel you need to accomplish the most important things in life. Your passion will give you sustainability as you pursue your life purpose. It does that by giving you the supercharged fuel you need to operate at high levels of effectivity as you deploy your personal potential in pursuit of your life purpose.

Purchase Compass now to learn what your Life Purpose, your Potential, and your Passion.

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