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Why you should work with LMP.

The most important reason to work with LMP is that your coaching practice will stand out from the crowd when you include LMP and Compass as part of your offering...don't take my word for it, signup below for free and get an account you can use to test the waters. No pressure, just take the Compass assessment and then contact me for a free review of your report. Not convinced? Here are some great reasons to give us a try: 1) We want you to succeed and we are not going to nickel and dime you to death as you work with us. Things are simple, you purchase Compass or our services and resell them at whatever price you want. 2) We have a practice management system we call the Adviser portal that will help you with the's free to use. 3) We train you as a coach when you sigh up, there is a fee for the coaching, but you don't pay until you see results. 4) We provide ongoing training monthly in disciplines that are dear to your heart, things like marketing and sales, coaching and other areas of your practice and it is free.

How We Serve Our Coaching Partners

Life Coaches

Sign up and let us show you how Compass will become an essential part of your coaching service. When you know your client at this level you will become indispensable. Sign up, our time together will convince you.

Educational Consultants

Let me show you how easy Compass makes it to identify a students best degree program options. The career research report is so powerful you will have no trouble determining your students best career, degree, and major.

Human Resources

No more guessing as to whether your candidate is right for the job. If you get stuck, we can help you dig through the details and come up with a solid recommendation to management. And the team building tools are the best.

Church Leaders

Your staff and ministry leaders will be able to find great ministry options for your people, identify their spiritual gifting and clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of leaders and members alike. Compass team building tools are an excellent resource for churches.

Business Consultants and Coaches

Let us show you how to expand your service offerings with Compass and our personnel coaching services. We can train you on how to use the system to bring teams together and improve employee retention for your clients.

Career Coaches

Compass is the most comprehensive career coaching system on the market today. I can prove it to you very easily, just create an account below, complete the assessments, and contact me to go over the report with me on this, it will be one of the best decisions of your career.

Compass has given me a tool and helped our team be more effective. I consider Mike Adams one of the most influential people in my life. His resources have helped me see the strengths in people and his council has helped me to grow in my leadership ability.
Joanna LaBahn, CEO LaBahn's Landscaping
Satisfied Customer
“We switched from using one of the tests in Naviance to Compass with our 12th grade students and have been very happy with the results.”
Kristen Cherry, Jr/Sr High School Principal, The Rock Academy
Satisfied Customer
I have been using the Compass tool with students and parents in the College Planning process now for a number of years and every time the families are stunned as to what they learn about themselves and how that applies to their natural gifting’s and strengths. This tool has been vital to me in my practice in adding value to our clients.
Dave Coen, CEO College Planning America
Satisfied Customer