Frequently Asked Questions

1. When you say personality, exactly what do you mean?

Personality is how we are experienced by others. Usually, people mean more than that when they think personality. Normally we are thinking about the whole person, personality is only one dimension of one's "personality," which also includes strengths and talents, behaviors, temperaments, and interests. You need to understand who you are from a more comprehensive perspective through a more comprehensive assessment process.

2. Why do I need to know where my greatest potential lies?

Knowing where your greatest potential lies can help you approach your business in a way that is tailored to your strengths and passions, making it easier to communicate your why to stakeholders and grow customer loyalty.

3. What's the connection between my personality or my potential and my online business?

Understanding your personality and potential can help you understand why you do what you do, allowing you to build it into your Vision, Mission, and Core Competencies in a way that you are passionate about. This, in turn, can help grow customer loyalty and make it easier to communicate your why.

4. Where do passion, purpose, and potential come into play?

Potential helps identify purpose, and potential and purpose help identify passion. Where potential, passion, and purpose meet, you will find your True North.

5. What will empower me to be the best online retailer I can be?

Learning who you are, not just what you do, can empower you to be the best online retailer you can be. Once you know who you are, you can be intentional about life and approach your business in a way that is tailored to your strengths and passions.

6. How can I stay motivated even when things are tough?

When you live life in the context of what you do well, life gets to be fun. Knowing the ultimate goal for your life helps you to identify tasks to complete in order to move closer to your goal, which is the technical definition of motivation.

7. How can I discover my personal passion, purpose, and potential?

You can discover your personal passion, purpose, and potential by taking assessments such as StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs, DISC, Temperament, or the Strong or Holland Interest inventory. Alternatively, you can use Living My Purpose assessments called Compass.

8. How can I get coaching about my passion, potential, and purpose without breaking the bank?

Visit and select the assessment and online interpretive session, or the assessment and one-on-one interpretive session.