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All of our applications are SaaS based, in other words, they run on the web…sooooo they run on any browser and on almost any device.

All of our applications are SaaS based, in other words, they run on the web…sooooo they run on any browser and on almost any device.

For adults the answer is simple…you need to know who you are to make decisions about the future.

For students (or their parents)

  • Young people are at a critical juncture in their lives and need guidance
  • Going into life without solid career guidance is very expensive in terms of wrong turns
  • Compass can identify career opportunities the user has no way of knowing about

Most college students select their careers based on anecdotal advice from friends and family, all of whom have a limited perspective on all of the potential careers available.  They are based on what worked for others, rather than the best fit for the student.  Career assessment tests narrow the field increasing the likelihood of identifying a career that the student will excel at and be passionate about.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee…if you don’t feel you got your monies worth let us know, we will refund your purchase. Obviously this applies only to interpretive sessions. Once you have completed the assessment you have consumed the product.

What types of career assessments are there?

  • Personality, temperament, behavior and strengths and talents
  • Knowledge, aptitudes and skills
  • Interest Inventories

A Google search for career assessments has over 100 million hits.

There are four major categories of career tests: Interest Inventories, Motives and Values Inventories, Personality Tests, and Ability Tests. Each addresses a different part of the puzzle. 

  • Compass is predictive, it focuses on who you are not what you know
  • Compass is and assessment system AND an online coaching system
  • Compass is a holistic system which best science available to assess personality, behaviors and strengths and talents.

Compass is an aggregation of the best science available in an attempt to answer the question “who are you” and in turn deliver outstanding benefits to the user through Compass. The underlying premise of Compass is that the use of what one knows in predicting sustainable passion for the future is a failed premise.

Two independent surveys have confirmed that Compass performs better than other surveys taken by students and that it helped in clarifying career options, aided search for employment, and increased satisfaction with classes

While the competition focuses on a student knowledge‚ skills and interests‚ Compass focuses on a student’s design. It is a mistake to focus on the limited knowledge‚ life experience and interests of a sixteen year old! In contrast Compass focuses on design so we can determine potential‚ a far superior way to identify college and career potential.

Compass combines the results of the four most respected psychometric tests to produce a holistic analysis of a person’s Genetic makeup‚ Behavioral Attitudes‚ Personality, Temperament and Interest Inventory.

  • Compass is an assessment system
  • Compass is a career coaching system
  • Compass is a life mentoring system
  • Compass will identify potential and purpose and provide mentoring in the development of one’s passion and calling.
  • Compass will identify careers and college users have the potential to do well in.
  • Compass coaches the user on how to use what they learn about themselves.


You will have greater insight into your own identity—your personality‚ temperament‚ skills and abilities‚ and working and leadership styles. Understanding these results will give you greater insight into important decisions such as a Choosing a Marriage Partner and Selecting a Career‚ as well as equip you with greater relational skills in every area of your life‚ such a communication and conflict resolution.

  • Compass cuts education costs
  • Compass puts people on the right tract
  • Compass is a very small percentage of the cost of career counseling


Compass will provide you with greater value than you will ever pay for. It required a significant investment of time and effort to develop and market the Compass System‚ and charging those who use it is one way we recoup the investment. However‚ philosophically we believe that you will derive more value from that which you pay for.

  • The assessments take between 45 to 60 minutes
  • The interpretive session takes 35 minutes to watch
  • The nine coaching sessions are 7 to 10 minutes each
  • If you opt for an interpretive session (highly recommended) it takes about two hours maximum.
  • Compass identifies a perfect career statement
  • Compass provides in-depth career research tools and videos
  • Compass identifies career options and the major and minor each career tract requires


Yes‚ Compass Career Assessment will help you understand your unique identity and will help you understand what fields you might be best suited for. Compass also provides the tools and resources to guide you through the college and career selection process.

  • Schools, counselors and Educational Consultants
  • Employers
  • Life coaches and counselors



A wide variety of people use Compass‚ from college students choosing a career‚ to employers who want insight into how to help employees and stakeholders perform at their potential‚ to married couples who want to improve their understanding of one another and ability to communicate.

Compass is an excellent tool to help in the Candidate Selection process. Compass identifies potential‚ it provides the differentiation between multiple candidates and it identifies what talents‚ behaviors and personality traits work best in specific roles. It can also assist you with developing synergy on your leadership team by helping them learn to appreciate and work with one another’s roles and styles.

  • Compass outputs a profile report
  • Compass creates a custom online interpretive session
  • Compass creates custom mentoring messages


Once you have completed the last test the system automatically generates your online report. You can get more detail by clicking the details link at the bottom of the dashboard and by watching the online interpretive session.

On your dashboard is the action item setup link. Click on the link and follow the on screen instructions that explain how to setup the system to send you your action items to your phone‚ email or both.

Select how you would like to receive the text messages. Click “Next” to continue. You must update your mobile phone number (if it is not correct) select your carrier name and the frequency you would like to have the action items delivered to you phone/email.

Pick the frequency you would like to receive the coaching messages, daily or weekly. You can have them sent to your phones text message system or to your email. On “Submit” the system will schedule the coaching messages. The messages go out at 9:00 A.M. PST.

The action items you will receive come from the coaching videos‚ it is highly recommended that you watch each of the videos prior to receiving the email/sms text action items.

Relative Role/Career Potential Indicators (Compass does not identify role/career skills or knowledge‚ only potential‚ purpose‚ passion and drive.)

In determining potential‚ Compass takes into account these and other proprietary factors:

  1. From book references‚ i.e. First‚ Break all the rules and Now‚ Discover Your Strengths and StrengthsQuest.


  1. From other books referencing talents or traits‚ behaviors and personality i.e. Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman.


  1. Correlations and links between talents‚ behaviors and personality‚ and documentation on the relevance of each to work place and role potential.


  1. Common sense relationships‚ certain traits would give a person a high potential of success when coupled with the right behaviors and personality.


  1. In general‚ on their own‚ talents are difficult to directly correlate down to actual roles. However‚ when they are understood as themes of motivation‚ attitude‚ behavior‚ and interests that can be productively applied‚ the outcomes of the combinations of talents behaviors and personality point strongly to potential in roles and careers.

User accounts remain active indefinitely. Users may also restart their daily action items.

Compass Administrators have access to the Advisor Portal. The Advisor Portal is a practice management system which provides advisors with access to client results, reports, status updates and client management tools.

For most people the system is intuitive enough to operate without any instruction. If you need help, Compass includes three user tutorials which train them in how to use the system. A video starts immediately upon completion of the assessments which trains users in how to use the system.

Once advisors log in to the advisor portal they have access to an advisor portal tutorial which trains them in the use of the system.

The advisor portal includes coach training videos which will train advisors in how to administer an effective interpretive session.

The system provides a link on the login page which will send a new password your registered email address.

  • Tie their education track to Compass directed personal development milestones
  • Incentivize their personal development webinar attendance
  • Automated reminder messages sent out by Compass
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